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dude, are we reading the same manga?

hello i am the lucy heartfilia defense squad and i am here to arrest the person who submitted this tell you why that is bullshit and lucy is the absolute queen:

  • everything in the series circles back to lucy. everything.
  • without her, the whole guild, and essentially every other character in the series, would probably be dead because a) she and yukino closed the eclipse gate, therefore only letting seven dragons get out instead of ten thousand (everyone would have been dead in minutes if they hadn’t done that) and b) she saved the entire guild from alegeria single-handedly. so not probably. they’d definitely be dead.
  • she is the only celestial spirit wizard known to have summoned the celestial spirit king (which takes a hell of a lot of magic power), attain the power of a celestial spirit, and perform a unison raid with a spirit. 
  • karen lilica died trying to keep two gates open at once. lucy has opened three and lived. not only lived, but continued to kick ass afterward. and still wanted to fight after her magic was completely drained.
  • she stood up to her emotionally abusive father after years of being treated as worthless. she could have been slapped. she could have been disowned. god knows what her father could have done to her. and she knew he was perfectly capable of anger. but she stood up to him anyway. 
  • she stood up to minerva and would not let herself lose despite being brutally beaten and laughed at. but she refused to back down until she was actually unconscious.
  • she’s the reason cana didn’t leave the guild
  • she saved loke’s life
  • she was the first to offer her friendship to juvia
  • f!rogue wanted to kill her because he knew that she was going to foil is plan. the fact that a very strong villain like him wanted to kill her because she got in his way says a lot about how formidable an opponent she is. 
  • she’s essentially the strongest celeitial wizard alive, possibly even the strongest celestial wizard ever to live at this point (see: summoned the celestial spirit king)
  • was the voice of reason in the battle of fairy tail arc, convincing everyone to stop fighting and destroy the lacrimas before the entire town was wiped out. if i recall correctly, she ended her speech with “and if you don’t, then i’ll destroy them all myself!” if that’s not brave as hell, what is
  • dared gajeel to kill her and refused to show fear while he was straight up abusing her
  • was the only one to survive the dragons’ attack in the future and went back in time to warn everyone, knowing that she could fail and watch everyone she loved die a second time
  • broke aquarius’ key, sacrificing their friendship (reminder: she did not kill aquarius, only lost the ability to sumon her) in order to save her guild, then stood up and said “i can cry later. right now, i must fight!” only cries and whines, you say?
  • has had a huge emotional impact on every member of the guild, which can be seen at multiple occasions: most prominently, any time lucy is hurt, just look at the reactions of the entire guild. the hatred they had for minerva and the rest of sabertooth for abusing and laughing at her, natsu threatening hughes, borderline threatening arcadios (who, by the way, had only mentioned needing a celestial wizard and never said anything about harming lucy), their reaction to lucy being arrested, even knowing that she was only locked up in a cell, unharmed, not far from them
  • she’s always shown determination to fight for her guild despite not being the strongest mage, and despite her losses
  • is, ultimately, the most realistic/human/relatable character in the series
  • the rest of the guild loves her and constantly shows desire to protect her, and her response every time is essentially “fuck no, lemme at ‘em”
  • she’s shown the most growth out of the majority of characters (she and wendy have probably shown the most progress in becoming stronger)
  • took down one of the garou knights who, according to arcadios, “didn’t even leave behind the bones of his victims” (yukino fought with her then, but it was ultimately lucy and aquarius, who is sustained in the human world by lucy’s magic, who took him down)
  • has a shit ton of latent magical power that is coming to light in recent chapters, and probably had a lot of magical power to begin with, because summoning one celestial spirit takes a lot of magic in itself, lucy can summon three at once, perform other spells while keeping a spirit out, and fight physically (that whip of hers is pretty effective). not to mention, she can use quite a few forms of magic: celestial magic, urano metria, unison raid, and now water magic, which is actually her channeling aquarius, and it can be assumed that channeling the powers of a celestial spirit takes a fuck ton of magical power
  • performed the first unison raid seen in the series with juvia, which is said to be a very hard type of magic to master that many priests spent their entire lives trying to perfect and never accomplished

i could go on but i think i’ve said enough. overall, if you think lucy is useless, you should probably re-read the manga, re-watch the anime, and just check your facts overall. 


Also, Lucy’s a very human character, her reactions to things that happen are what an average person would react the same way too. Honestly if you were put in the same situations as Lucy, lost what she lost, seen what she has seen; you’d be crying too and you are meant to relate with her. Honestly, I think that people hate on her because they see themselves in her. Which is appalling. 
It also bothers me when people say she cries a lot even when Gray stated that it is not like Lucy to cry. If anything Juvia is the cry baby, not Lucy. 

If Lucy’s a bad character, I’d hate to see what kind of character they think is a good heroine tbh 

Its just his/her opinion let him/her be

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